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A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose...

Hi, I'm Amber.  

My journey of self love began several years ago when I was an exhausted, people pleasing, unhappy, irritated person.  I was doing everything for everyone and my mental and physical health was on the decline.

Diagnosed with cervical cancer, I knew I had to eliminate stress and start taking care of myself first.  I started relentlessly researching self love and care and adjusting my life to take care of myself more. 

However, just as easily habits begin, they can diminish, and I found that happening.  After being married for one year, my husband made the amazing decision to get help for an addiction.  Together, we started learning the 12 steps to recovery and applying them to our lives. 

With this growth, continuing to work on my own self love expedition and learning, and my degree in Anthropology, I developed a 12 step program to love your true self, letting go of past demons and living an incredible life.  

I look forward to watching your expedition unfold and see what you are capable of when you learn to love your true self. 

I hope that you, too, will have a journey instead of just a life - actually, I hope it's a full on expedition. ~Kelly Cutrone

Live life fully, surprise yourself often, love yourself truly and do you, boo!!!





I am finding so much love for myself, this has changed my life already!! 

-Jenna C. 

Book and workbook link: click the covers

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